What is CargoStream?

CargoStream is an independent Pan-European platform that helps participating shippers to reduce their truck transportation kilometers by bundling their regular transportation needs with other shippers, so that vehicle fill rates can be improved, distribution routes can be optimised and use of multi-modal transportation can be improved.

Why is CargoStream important?

Congestion avoidance, CO2 reduction, transportation cost. Most shippers have objectives to improve cost, service and sustainability but lack the scale to shift some of their transportation needs to multimodal. CargoStream creates scale by bundling. With CargoStream we have set ourselves the mission to create a modal shift moving 50%+ of the EU transport volume away from the road by providing an interconnected, neutral and open network on which shippers, intermodal terminals, logistic service providers and optimizing trustees collaborate by synchronizing supply chain requirements with the right combination of transport modes.

As a shipper, how do I communicate with the platform?

Ideally by sending transportation instructions over the platform. But we're equally happy if you send us live copies of these instructions, or aggregated data in some form of CSV on a regular basis.

How does CargoStream work?

The platform connects Shippers to Optimisers, Logistics Service Providers and Multi-Modal terminals.

Shippers communicate their regular shipping needs to the platform. The platform anonymizes, aggregates over multiple shippers, and makes that data available to approved optimizers. Optimizers analyse, optimise, and trigger approved LSP's to produce proposals that benefit all impacted shippers.

Once chosen, LSP's send execution updates to the platform for updating the relevant shippers.

Is CargoStream available in my region?

The initial focus is Europe.

Who can join?

The platform is open and neutral. All Shippers, Optimizers, LSP's and Terminals who live by the CargoStream values are welcome to join.

How can I join?

Please leave us your e-mail address. We will contact you once new slots become available.

Who’s participating?

Some of the world’s finest companies:

Pepsico Proctor & Gamble Sonoco Alcore Unilin Wienerberger
Samsonite Knauf Beaulieu Danone Waters
Duracell AICL ETEX Tupperware